Kyle and I flew down to Dallas to spend Easter weekend with my parents.  It was also great to see my dear cousin (who drove up from Austin) and a sweet friend (who flew in from Houston).  We spent the weekend with decaf coffee, church on Easter Sunday, ping pong, bike rides, and soaking up the sunshine!


It was great for Kyle and I to get out of town this past weekend. On Saturday, we adventured out on a beautiful snowshoeing trip around Lost Lake with snow flakes falling as we trekked though the trees. We enjoyed an evening sipping wine while soaking in a hot tub as snow fell around us. Sunday we spent time in Whistler Village shopping and brunching. We drove a scenic route along the Sea to Sky Highway down to Vancouver BC's Stanley Park.  But a drive up north isn't complete without a stop at Boundary Bay to fill up our growlers! 


This past weekend my dear friend Dru-Lynn gifted Kyle and I with a trip to Phoenix to visit her, her husband and their three adorable kiddos.  On Saturday morning, we went hiking and I was able to show Kyle the unique beauty of the Arizona desert.  Later that evening, Dru-Lynn hosted an open house reception where I introduced Kyle to some of my closest friends growing up in Phoenix, many of whom I haven't seen for years.  It was such a blessing to stay with Dru-Lynn, spend time with her family, and to show my husband a brief walk down memory lane!


This past Saturday snow began to fall in Seattle.  When this happens the city starts to get nervous!  However,  it was the perfect amount with just enough to cover the ground and allow kiddos to build snowmen.  On Sunday afternoon Kyle and I went for a walk to take in the winter wonderland.  



Green Lake has been a special place for Kyle and I while we were dating, on our wedding day, and now as we both call the neighboorhood home.  As I run around the lake I am flooded with memories and feel so full of gratitude for this place of water | trees | and nature near the heart of Seattle.  One dock (photo below) on the water was where we shared our wedding day "first look."  I will never forget the sense of anticipation to see Kyle as I waked out onto that dock.  I try to soak in the moments that we walk the lake with coffee in hand or I run in solitude praying and thinking about life.  In these moments I am grateful for this place and this season of life.



Few things are more sacred and special than preparing and sharing a meal with close friends.  When Kyle and I got married, one thing that we especially looked forward to was hosting dinners.  We enjoy real, quality food & drink combined with real, quality conversation.  

We have now been able to host several close friends.  Each time I love the warmth that fills our home.  We find ourselves sitting at the table long after the meal has been consumed.  Time speeds by almost unnoticed.  

While our culture so often values speed, efficiency and instant gratification, a fast meal just doesn't seem to satisfy.  It has become more rare to slow down to savor a homemade meal.

This seems true for friendships as well.  We speed through time with people we love and we tend to fit them into the margins of our lives.  People are invaluable and time spent cultivating lasting relationships is necessary.  What would it look like to slow down and savor not only our meals but our friendships too?