Reflection | Marriage Year 5.

Photo Credit:  Kelsey Moll

Photo Credit: Kelsey Moll

Five years married to my best friend. Every year is a gift. This past year has brought joys, adjustments, and moments of exhaustion. We began with a three-month old baby... now he’s a 15-month old toddler and always on the go! 

Here are a few reflections from this past year:

  • Date nights (and babysitters) are invaluable. 
  • Good sleep is a game changer... get a king mattress!
  • Embrace the tension between the schedule and the spontaneous.
  • It’s ok to relax some previously held standards (e.g. clean floors). 
  • Family photo shoots are well worth the investment.
  • Be intentional and savor time together.

Cheers to the adventures that await in marriage year six!

The Zabels

Reflection | Marriage Year 4.

It's crazy that Kyle and I have been married four years. Every year is a blessing, and each year is different. This past year has been filled with so much anticipation, change, adjustment, and exhaustion.

We started year three with a multi-week road trip adventure through Glacier National Park, Banff and Jasper. This year we can barely drive a few minutes without our three month old screaming in the car seat!

We always look forward celebrating and reflecting together on our Anniversary. However, we recognize that as life seasons change, the ways in which we celebrate will also change (even a date night is hard to come by these days).

As we reflect on this past year, it's probably been our hardest year yet, but God has been faithful to walk through this season with us. We have certainly grown in the ways we love and serve one another. 

Here are a few reflections from this past year:

  • Sleep is underrated
  • How can a 2 second smile from your baby can redeem 2 hours of screaming?
  • Adventuring is much different with a newborn... and that's ok
  • Document the daily moments
  • Cheep isn't the same as value (some things are definitely worth paying for)
  • It's ok to order takeout at Deru Market multiple times per week, right?
  • Amazon Prime is a lifesaver
  • Sometimes a glass of wine after the baby is in bed can be the best "date night"

 Cheers to the adventures that await in marriage year five (as a family of three)!

The Zabels

Final Date Night in Green Lake.

A few weeks ago a friend + photographer (Kelsey Moll) came over to document our last date night in Green Lake before the move to Kirkland. With busy schedules throughout the week, Kyle and I look forward to slow Friday nights at home - often with a cocktail, charcuterie board, homemade pizza, and a walk around the lake (weather permitting). I'm so glad to have captured some sweet moments of our date night rhythms in Green Lake. 

Reflections | Marriage Year 2.

How is it possible that a year of marriage can pass by both so fast and yet just slow enough?  

As each year comes and goes, Kyle and I want to make it a priority to celebrate and reflect together.  There is value in looking back on the past year to be thankful for how God has blessed us and where He has taken us.  This reflection comes with an honest recognition that it hasn't all been easy and picturesque, but with healthy doses of humility, tough conversations, tears, laughter and joy!  We are not the same couple as when we started this journey, and I'm thankful for the ongoing transformation.  I think the sweetest changes have been the ways our hearts continue to be softened.

Here are a few reflections from this past year:

  • If something takes less than two minutes to do... just do it now!
  • A clean bathroom makes for a happy home
  • Monthly family budget meetings pair well with a glass of wine 
  • Real community takes time to develop, but it's worth the investment 
  • Take time to adventure and dream (but don't forget rest and reality)
  • Document the moments both big and small
  • When in doubt: run it out

Cheers to the start of year three as a family of two (for now). 

The Zabels