Savoring Saturday | Snowy Seattle.

This weekend Seattle braced for “Snowmageddon” (more snowfall than Seattle has seen for years). People were frenzied with nerves and excitement. Grocery stores were selling out of basic supplies. So we stocked our pantry and hunkered down. Snowy days stir up for me all the cozy feelings of Koselig (the Norwegian version of Hygge) — cue warm layers and wool socks, hot coffee, a good book on the couch, and the flicker of candles. I also love how the snow brings quiet to the city as the flakes fall in silence and the streets are empty. However, despite the weather, we still made a point to get outside. We built a snowman (Caden’s first), sledded with friends, and played at the park. It feels like a winter wonderland!

Leavenworth Weekend.

We headed over the pass to Leavenworth for a weekend away with friends.

A few memorable moments:

  • Seeing Caden explore the snow at his own pace (cautiously).

  • PB&J sandwiches in the car after a short/failed snowshoeing attempt.

  • Hot-tubbing after the kiddos went to bed.

  • Bratwurst and beers at the Rhein Häus.

  • Enjoying time with friends.

Documenting | 2018.

Memory keeping and documenting are something our family values (probably Elise a bit more than Kyle). I love being able to look back on journal entries, blog posts, and photographs to be reminded of the grace and goodness in our lives. One rhythm I have tried to cultivate is creating a “Family Memory Book” at the beginning of the new year to encapsulate images from the prior year into one tangible book. We just got our 2018 book in the mail and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

This holiday season was filled with family, feasting, giving, receiving, and Caden requesting Jingle Bells to be sung on repeat (he says “ji-ma-go, ji-ma-go”). We enjoyed hosting “Nama” and “gampa” (Elise’s parents). Caden did fairly well with the Christmas tree. He loved seeing the lights turn on, and there were only a few ornament fatalities. Per tradition, we baked our Pulla Bread (a Finnish coffee bread) on Christmas Eve and went to a candle light service at our church. One thing that I don’t want to forget is on Christmas morning when Caden exclaimed, “mail came!” as he saw all the gifts under the tree. A huge gift for Kyle and I was a few days away (baby free) and a handful of date nights (thanks grandma and grandpa)! Our tree has been taken down and our decorations boxed away, but I want to savor and recall the sweet moments of the season for as long as possible. Now it’s onto 2019!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The Zabels