Working in a hospital, it can be challenging around the holidays to request time off.  But this year, I was fortunate to receive a full week vacation around Christmas!  Knowing that this may not happen again for a few years, we decided to visit both of our families.

After purchasing several one way tickets to make the journey from Seattle - Dallas - Milwaukee, we realized our luggage was looking a bit rough.  Especially since we have done a decent amount of traveling in our short year and a half of marriage.

So we made the decision to gift new luggage to one another for Christmas.  This felt like an "adult" sort of gift ... very practical.  We did our research to find just what we were looking for (plus the best value) and we now have two new pieces of luggage in our living room, ready for their first adventure.

P.S. I'm sure our Christmas luggage will also be "practical" for all the traveling we plan to do in the future!