Backpacking | Silver Lake.

Kyle and I had been gearing up for a backpacking adventure over the past several months and we finally decided on the weekend and route!  We took a ferry from Edmonds to the Olympic Peninsula and to the Mount Townsend | Silver Lake trailhead.   

The initial 3.5 mile climb with 3,400 elevation gain was exhausting in the heat of the day (not ideal).  But the views along the route were beautiful!  We set up camp at Silver Lake and went to bed early; we were eager for some rest.

Around 1:30am we woke up abruptly to a growl!  Our hearts were racing as we waited quietly for the animal to pass.  There was some sniffing and heavy footprints around our site for a couple hours.  Needless to say we didn't sleep very well!  

While making coffee in the morning we heard thunder in the distance.  Our plan for a slow, relaxing morning was ended as we scrambled to pack up our campsite, eat breakfast, and get on the trail amidst scattered raindrops.  Fortunately the rain was light and the cloud cover was a refreshing change of pace from the previous day's heat.

I learned that backpacking isn't glamorous.  It's hard work, uncomfortable, exhausting, and can bring out your best and worst, but it's also invigorating and rewarding.  A friend recently asked me how the trip was for our marriage and I've been thinking about it.  I think it reinforced the importance of communication and how to love sacrificially amidst challenging circumstances.  So here's to more adventures and life lessons!  

Here are a few photos from our trip: