Arizona Family Vacation.

Last week we traveled to Arizona for a family vacation, including Kyle's parents (Barry and Beth) and my parents (Mark and Ann).  Kyle and I grew up in different states and our folks met for the first time at our wedding (almost 3 years ago - how has time gone by so fast?!) so we wanted to carve out some time and space for everyone to get to know each other better.  

Our trip was mostly based in Prescott, AZ (at my parents' cabin) with day trips mixed in throughout the week.  We also had a side project (reupholstering some of our teak furniture) to keep us busy.  Here are some photos of the trip:

We celebrated Mother's Day by grilling, chatting, and playing Sequence. 

We took a day trip to see Montezuma's Castle and the ghost town of Jerome. 

We reupholstered our teak dining chairs. 

We enjoyed the red rock beauty of Sedona with a hike at Oak Creek Canyon and views from the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

We finished the trip with spectacular vistas at the Grand Canyon.

I am so grateful that we were able to spend this past week with our family.  We created memories and added new depths to our relationships.