Moving on.

A week ago, Kyle and I moved from our old home in Green Lake to start a new adventure in Kirkland.  Green Lake had been home for the past three years since we got married.  We made the move to be closer to work (no more tolls + hours in the car) and to simplify life a bit.  The decision to transition to the Eastside (across Lake Washington) didn't come without a few tears (to clarify Kyle didn't cry).  We were blessed to have family and friends to help with the move.  My dad drove 1,500 miles from AZ to WA with some of our new furniture.  He was such a huge help with the whole process and it was fun to spend time together!  I am so thankful how God orchestrated so many details - from finding a great parking spot for the moving truck in Green Lake (no easy task during the summer) to my dad's availability to and help.  

Here are a few photos from the move.  

We're slowly getting settled into our new space (with a guest room ready for visitors).

Stay tuned for more photos and stories to come from Kirkland!