Christmas Came Early | 2017.

Since Kyle and I were married, our Christmas rhythms tend to look a bit different each year.  Some elements are consistent, but there is always some variation given the year and circumstances. With families that each live a plane ride away, it's challenging to form Christmas traditions that look exactly the same each year, but we still want to establish our own traditions that are unique and specific to us. This year, we are flying to Wisconsin to spend Christmas with Kyle's family, so we decided to have an early Zabel Christmas at home. For me, it's important to wake up slow, have coffee and Pulla bread, and enjoy time with Kyle and Caden. I want to read the Christmas story and remember Jesus' birth. I want to open thoughtful gifts wrapped under a hand cut tree with ornaments collected from various adventures throughout our years as a family.  I want to enjoy a meal, drink wine, sing happy birthday and eat cake to celebrate! I want to watch White Christmas by the glow of Christmas lights and candles cuddled up under warm blankets. I want to slow down in this busy season and savor time as a family of three, making memories together!  

Merry Christmas!