Summer Fades to Fall.

Holy cow where did the summer go! Oh that's right, we've spent the past several months adjusting to life with a new baby. I had lofty summer goals, but our plans needed a bit of tweaking.  Instead of hiking we drove a little past Snoqualmie for a picnic at Lake Easton State Park to be in the mountains. Instead of camping we pitched a hammock and had a picnic at Greenlake. Instead of a road trip to Walla Walla we met up with friends and walked through the zoo! We largely stayed local spending time with family who came in from out of town to visit. However, we did get out of Seattle a couple times, once to celebrate a cousin's wedding on the hood canal and the other was to Arizona to visit grandparents (which was Caden's first flight). I'm still dreaming of trips and places we want to take Caden, but we are learning that things may look a bit different with our newest family addition and we wouldn't have it any other way!