Reflection | Marriage Year 4.

It's crazy that Kyle and I have been married four years. Every year is a blessing, and each year is different. This past year has been filled with so much anticipation, change, adjustment, and exhaustion.

We started year three with a multi-week road trip adventure through Glacier National Park, Banff and Jasper. This year we can barely drive a few minutes without our three month old screaming in the car seat!

We always look forward celebrating and reflecting together on our Anniversary. However, we recognize that as life seasons change, the ways in which we celebrate will also change (even a date night is hard to come by these days).

As we reflect on this past year, it's probably been our hardest year yet, but God has been faithful to walk through this season with us. We have certainly grown in the ways we love and serve one another. 

Here are a few reflections from this past year:

  • Sleep is underrated
  • How can a 2 second smile from your baby can redeem 2 hours of screaming?
  • Adventuring is much different with a newborn... and that's ok
  • Document the daily moments
  • Cheep isn't the same as value (some things are definitely worth paying for)
  • It's ok to order takeout at Deru Market multiple times per week, right?
  • Amazon Prime is a lifesaver
  • Sometimes a glass of wine after the baby is in bed can be the best "date night"

 Cheers to the adventures that await in marriage year five (as a family of three)!

The Zabels