Documenting | 2018.

Memory keeping and documenting are something our family values (probably Elise a bit more than Kyle). I love being able to look back on journal entries, blog posts, and photographs to be reminded of the grace and goodness in our lives. One rhythm I have tried to cultivate is creating a “Family Memory Book” at the beginning of the new year to encapsulate images from the prior year into one tangible book. We just got our 2018 book in the mail and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Documenting | 2017.

I've always placed high value on documenting life. I'm a journal keeper and a photo taker. However, in the busy seasons of life it gets more difficult to log all the memories. One of my goals for this year is "intentionality" and with that in mind I decided preserve some of our most meaningful digital images in a tangible form. Our 2017 photo book just arrived in the mail and I couldn't be more pleased with this little keepsake!