Visitors + Reflections.

Over the first several weeks since Caden was born, we have had a quite a few visitors here to meet the little man.  We have been so grateful for family and friends who have supported, cleaned, and cooked for us. It seems crazy that it has already been a little over two months since he was born!  Time flies between feedings, diaper changes, sips of coffee and baby cries. This has been a season of adjustment both for him and us.  We are learning what it looks like to sacrifice in new ways.  I am seeing sides of my heart that are both beautiful and ugly (if I'm honest), but know that these are refining times and I wouldn't trade them. We are beginning to develop rhythms, but I'm sure those will change just as quickly as his weight! I think one lesson that has been most prominent is that I can create a plan, but I need to hold it loosely.   


Photo credit: Kelsey Moll    


There is something about seeing flowers in bloom, greenery returning to the trees, signs of life and new beginnings that stir our hearts for something greater.  Easter weekend seems to bring a swing of emotions from the somberness of Good Friday to the culminating celebration of Jesus' resurrection on Sunday!  Kyle and I spent Easter with a morning run, church at Downtown Cornerstone, and a meal with our extended family.  Grateful for this weekend to reflect, confess, and rejoice!